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The smiles born in the place that you belong.
Those smiles connecting 「Wa・和」(harmoney) and「Wa・輪」(Crcles).
By believing in the 「Wa」
mamara. will strive for the better for the future.

About Us

We do event planning, operate, import, retail, wholesale, test sales, market research
and product planning as our business.

In 2011, we started activities for housewives to “become a part of society”
with the main concept of “a place where housewives are not the only ones”.

The “Distribution of food”, which starts from the career of Housewife business = Family chef.

From the perspective of housewives/women, we will create a flow from the beginning to the end of distribution



Import ・ Retail ・ Wholesale ・ Test sales

The products imported from Japan and products developed by Japanese companies in Vietnam are sold at

We connect the customers and the manufactures to bring life/shape to their wish of ‘want’ and ‘deliver’.


Product planning / consumer market research

Consumers continue to seek products and services that enrich their lifestyles.

In the growing Vietnamese market, we will conduct product plannings and market behaviour research that utilize women’s sensibilities, such as tastings, questionnaires, and interviews, using our housewife monitors.



An event is held every year in December to sell imported products from Japan and handmade products made by the Japanese living in HCMC.

While conducting realistic local research and marketing, you are able to proceed to full scale sales step by step.



Various information related to service will be described.
Introducing test sales, tastings, the state of the event, etc.

Information to know more about the product and introduction of new products

Articles about Interviewing Japanese people who are active in HCMC
with the base questions of ‘What is happiness?’, ‘What is the place you belong to?’, ‘What are you?’ and my soliloquy.

We upload these small anaphoras every Sunday afternoon.